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Overview of NIFS SCO-OP Program
  Compared with conventional short-term hands-on apprenticeships and internships(two-weeks practicums) performed without pay, the NIFS SCO-OP program features a closer collaboration between the institute, the organization(corporation and other entities) and the student, and it is performed as an advanced, professinal and pracitical education program within the institute's curriculum. Furthermore, it is being developed as an industry-academia collaborative program that is both long-term and for pay.
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Program Objectives
  This model program is a three-year project which has been operating since 2006 as a trial for the SCO-OP internship program for sport professionals (on-the-job education in the health and sports industry) to be offered by NIFS with a special educational research grant from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture. Unlike previous off-campus sports instruction internship programs operated by NIFS, this is a long-term program which aims to provide students with a highly-specialized internship experience throughout their enrollment and benefit their future career development.

♣ SCO-OP Program started in 2009.

♣ SCO-OP Program became a official unit.

♣ SCO-OP Program started in 2008.

♣ International Seminar 2009was finished.
2009 February 13th, at Nippon Foundation Building 1F in Tokyo.
Program and Abstracts are here.

♣  International SCO-OPiISCO-OPjProgram started in 2008.
This training program in the country, this year, Cologne, Germany and Seoul in South Korea, Perth in Australia that three students were training.

♣ The movie of SCO-OP Program is Released soon !

2008 NISF SCO-OP Program
List of Organizations Experiences
Sasakawa Sports Foundation (Minato-ku, Tokyo) Male students( 1year graduate students)
Nippon Athletic Service (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) Male students( 3year undergraduate student)

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