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CO-OP International Research Forum 2007 on The Development of Career Training Program for Sporting Professions

Feb.17~18th, 2007
Mizuno Auditorium at NIFS in Kanoya

Program & Proceedings
※Reported only a summary of abstract


Invited speakers[PDF]

Opening Ceremony/Greeting[PDF]

Keynote LectureⅠ[PDF]
“The practical and professional training method for university students:what is organizational leadership training”
Bruce Arai ( Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada)

“Practical educational programs and development of sporting professions in university”

“Practical Education Programs and Development of Sporting Professions in University”[PDF]
Laurie Lahn(Manager, Co-operative education, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada)

“The Cooperative Experience and Internship Program in Health & Kinesiology at Purdue University: An Overview and Empirical Analysis of Student Preferences”[PDF]
David B. Klenosky (Associate Professor, Purdue University, U.S.A)

“Professional Practice and Career Directions The School of Human Movement and Exercise Science The University of Western Australia”[PDF]
Kerry Smith (Course Controller/Director of Programs, The University of Western Australia, Australia)

“On the Job Learning as a Part of the Degree Programme in Social Sciences of Sport (Sport Management)”[PDF]
Kimmo Suomi (Professor, University of Jyväskylä, Finland)

“Case presentations of practical training program in Japanese Universities”

“Practical Career Training Program at the University of Tsukuba School of Health and Physical Education”[PDF]
Kazuo Yanagisawa(Associate Professor, Tsukuba University)

“The Practical Career Training Program at the Juntendo University School of Health & Sports Science”[PDF]
Haruo Nogawa(Professor, Juntendo University)

“Internship Program at the Waseda University Faculty of Sport Sciences”[PDF]
Yoshiyuki Mano(Associate Professor, Waseda University)

“Employment Prospects and Internships at Chukyo University School of Health and Sport Sciences”[PDF]
Hideo Kikuchi(Associate Professor, Chukyo University)

“Internship Program of Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences”[PDF]
Jyunya Fujimoto(Associate Professor, Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences)

“Presentation of Case Study of Internship Training Program at Biwako Seikei Sport College”[PDF]
Hirotaka Matsuoka(Biwako Seikei Sport College)

“Practical Education Program at National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya”[PDF]
Yumiko Hagi(Professor, National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya)

keynote Lecture Ⅱ-PDF
“Present and future conditions of the sporting profession in sport management field”
Karen E. Danylchuk (Associate Professor, The University of Western Ontario, Canada)

Forum Ⅱ
“The Sporting Profession and Job Marketing: Business/Industry/Professional sport”

“Co-op and Internship Opportunities in Sport Business”[PDF]  
Brenda Pitts (Professor, Georgia State University, U.S.A)

“The Sport Management Professional and the Undergraduate Kinesiology Curriculum in Canada”[PDF]  
William B. McTeer (Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada)

“Educational Impact Required of SCO-OP (Sporting Co-Operative Program) for Building Careers in the Sports Industry”[PDF]  
Masashi Kawanishi(Professor, National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya)

“Current Strategy of French Universities for the Development of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the Field of Sports”[PDF]
Oliver Nier (Associate Professor, University of Claude Bernard LyonⅠ, France)

Poster Presentation and Summary  Japanese only

Roundtable Discussion and Summary
(Invited professors of NIFS and organizers of this project)

“Development of Sports Professionals and Career Training”[PDF]
Yasuo Yamaguchi(Professor, Kobe University)

Training General Managers (GM) for the Sports Business Sector[PDF]
Munehiko Harada (Professor, Waseda University)

“Qualifications Which Will be Required of Sports Specialists in the Sports Business of the Future”[PDF]
Sadatoshi Tsumagari(President, ERG TECHNO)

“The Talented People Expected in Sports Club Industry”[PDF]
Taisuke Ishibashi(President, Nippon Athletic Service)

“Emergence of a New Specialist Area with the Designated Administrator System”[PDF]
Hirokazu Ohtake(President, Research Center for Sports System)

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