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SCO-OP Manual

  Regulations & Description of the NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program

  Flow of the NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program


  Guidance System & Evaluations

  Documents to be Submitted

  Rules of Conduct for Interns

  Guidelines for Intern Reports

 Regulations & Description of the NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program

 [Internship program flow]
This program is generally intended for students in their third year or above (including postgraduate students) but the selection and accreditation process is conducted in the first semester of Year 3. Internship program guidance is provided in the second semester of year 2. The term of the internship is one month during either spring or summer vacation. Students unable to undergo the internship during these periods due to reasons such as the circumstances of the hosting organization or student’s illness should consult with the supervising teacher and follow their instructions.

 [Eligibility requirements for the NIFS SCO-OP internship program]
  (1) Must have taken the "Lifelong Sports Instruction Internships" course in Year 3
  (2) Outstanding academic record with high GPA scores

Under the program, two weeks (80 hours) are equivalent to two credit unit so students will acquire four credit units after completing the one-month internship (160 hours). Students are typically required to engage in the same work as the staff of the hosting organization throughout the term of the internship and participate in leadership and management/administration tasks more independently under the guidance of the supervisor.

While this internship program is implemented as one aspect of university classes, it is a general principle of the program that interns receive the same employment contract and remuneration as normal employees from the host organization. We encourage all interns to undertake this program with an understanding of this point.

Interns are required to take out an internship insurance policy with the university as coverage for any accidents or injuries which may occur during the internship period.

 [Internship Details]
  The specific nature of the practical training received under the NIFS SCO-OP internship program will depend on the circumstances of the respective host company and interns should follow the instructions of the company supervisor.
  1.Theoretical learning and understanding of actual conditions
  2.Improvement of skills through practical exams
  3.Practical instruction or assistance
  4.Program creation or assistance
  5.Facility administration/ management
  6.Acquiring know-how required for job hunting

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Flow of the NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program
1.Register for SCO-OP internship program in 1st semester of Year 3
2.Guidance on SCO-OP internship program provided to Year 3 applicants
3.Undergo Year 3 "Lifelong Sports Instruction Internships" course; prepare & submit necessary documents
4.Interviews conducted in 1st semester of Year 3 for those with outstanding GPA scores from previous academic year
5.After completion of the interviews, students must register their personal data, resume and desired internship details on the NIFS SCO-OP internship program database (the data will be disclosed to affiliated companies to provide them with details of the students seeking internships, after which examination of resumes and other details will be performed)
6.Students who receive a preliminary offer of acceptance from affiliates will then undergo an interview
7.Official offers of acceptance for internships will be issued in the 2nd semester of Year 3
8.On-campus training (supervising teacher); submission of required preliminary documents
9.NIFS SCO-OP internship program implemented in Year 3 spring vacation or Year 4 summer vacation
10.Follow-up instruction from supervising teacher & submission of reports etc. after completion of internship

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2006NIFS SCO-OP Program    7 Organization / 9 Students

  • Urban Wellness Club ERG(2)
  • Sasakawa Sports Foundation(1)
  • Institute of Total System Development(1)
  • Nippon Athletic Service(3)
  • HIMARAYA Co.,Ltd(1)
  • Fukuoka Sports Information Center(1)

2007NIFS SCO-OP Program    6 Organization / 6 Students

  • Urban Wellness Club ERG(1)
  • Kenmin Kenko Plaza Kenko Zoshin Center(1)
  • Japan Sports Association(1)
  • Sasakawa Sports Foundation(1)
  • Nippon Athletic Service(1)
  • HIMARAYA Co.,Ltd(1)
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Guidance System

 [Preparatory education by supervising teacher]
 The supervising teacher will provide interns with preparatory education focusing on on-campus theoretical training via relevant subjects and practical instruction relating to the internship.

 [Internship guidance from host organization supervisors]
 Interns will receive actual guidance from the supervisory staff of the host organization, who will provide the instructional knowledge and skills required to become a future professional in all relevant fields in addition to practical education on instruction manner and so on throughout the internship. The supervising teacher and the internship supervisor from the host organization will contact students in advance in regards to their instruction.

 [Follow-up education by the supervising teacher]
 Students are required to write a report reviewing their internship experiences. Debriefing sessions outlining the internships will also be held at the host facilities and follow-up education including final report drafting will be implemented based on an awareness of conditions at other facilities.


The internship program evaluation provides an integrated assessment of the following three evaluations. No selective accreditation is performed with the current curriculum in the model project.

 [Evaluation of preparation]
 Evaluation of the preparatory education provided by the supervising teacher through relevant on-campus education subjects, particularly the intern's own internship objectives and issues, and evaluation of report on the specific preliminary training plan prepared for that purpose and the status of its implementation.

 [Evaluation by instructor during the internship]
 Integrated evaluation on the attached NIFS SCO-OP internship evaluation sheet performed during the internship.

 [Evaluation of the internship journal & final report]
 Evaluation of the attached internship journal & final report.

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Documents to be Submitted

1.Documents to be sent in advance to the host organization
(1) "Resume " (standard commercial format with photo attached)
"Medical examination report"
 * To be submitted to the supervising teacher (university will send to host organization)
(2) "NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program Special Subject Completion Status" (page of the Internship Handbook)
 * To be submitted to the supervising teacher (university will send to host organization)
(3) "Letter of introduction"

2. Documents to be submitted in advance to the supervising teacher
(1) "Internship Objectives and Issues" (page of the Internship Handbook)
 * Supervising instructor will indicate the issues in each field.

3. Things to take to the internship
(1) "NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program Certificate" (page of the Internship Handbook)
(2) "NIFS SCO-OP Achievement Report" (page of the Internship Handbook)
 * This will be directly transmitted to the host organization upon completion of the required information.
(3) "Internship Journal" (see page of the Internship Handbook)
 * Used to record the details of the internship on a daily basis.
(4) NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program Survey (page of the Internship Handbook)

4. Documents to be sent to the host organization after the internship
(1) Letter of appreciation
 * Send this immediately after completion of the internship (and be sure to take a copy).

5. Documents to be submitted to the supervising teacher after the internship
(1) "Internship Journal" (page of the Internship Handbook)
(2) "Impressions of the NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program" (see page of the Internship Handbook)
(3) Photos of intern in the workplace (be sure to take some photos during your internship)
 * To be submitted in accordance with the supervising teacher's instructions after completion of the internship
(4) "NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program Final Report" (see page of the Internship Handbook)
 * Supervising instructor will indicate the issues in each field.

6.Document checklist [PDF]

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Rules of Conduct for Interns

1.Interns should be present at the workplace 20 minutes prior to the commencement of work and greet host staff in a polite manner.

2.Interns should obey the directions of the host instruction supervisor and work diligently.

3.Interns must not be absent, arrive late or leave early.
If extenuating circumstances require you to be absent, arrive late or leave early:
(1) Contact the host instruction supervisor immediately (if the supervisor is unavailable, contact the university teaching faculty)
(2) Promptly submit the following documents.
Notification addressed to host instruction supervisor (or request when filing in advance)
A medical certificate or note of explanation in the case of an absence of three successive days or more

4.Credit cannot be obtained if workplace attendance is less than 20 days.

5.If you have a legitimate reason for not satisfying the required attendance, request an extension of the internship term from the host instruction supervisor and promptly notify the supervising teacher of the result of the request.

6.If you are forced to suspend the internship due to illness, promptly submit the following documents to the host instruction supervisor and the supervising teacher.
(1) Request for suspension of internship (include reasons for request)
(2) Medical certificate
 * Consult with your supervising teacher regarding measures subsequent to the suspension.

7.Submit the following letters of appreciation immediately after completion of the internship.
(1) Host organization (supervisor or instruction supervisor)
(2) Party responsible for introducing the host organization (where applicable)
(3) Copy for submission to the teaching instructor

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Guidelines for Intern Reports

1. Interns are required to write the following reports.
(1) Internship Objectives and Issues
(2) Impressions of the NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program
(3) NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program Report

2. Standard requirements for reports
(1) Reports should be typed on an A4 page
(2) Required details:
» 1st line: report title (double size characters)
» 3rd line: student number & name
» 4th line: host organization name (official title)
» 6th line: body

3. Guidelines for preparing the "Internship Objectives and Issues" report
(1) Specific objectives and issues of the internship
(2) Preliminary plan for achieving (1) above

4. Guidelines for preparing the "Impressions of the NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program" report
(1) The report should be about 600 characters in length (using a report sheet)
(2) Summarize those points of the internship which made the biggest impression upon you.
(3) Attach workplace photos taken during the SCO-OP internship.

5. Guidelines for preparing the "NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program Final Report"
(1) Examples:
1. Provide an outline of the host organization's location, facilities, program details, the instructor/s and users etc.
2. Describe those areas of the internship which were of particular interest to you or where you felt out of your depth, or describe the department to which you were assigned etc.
3. Describe how you intend to apply what you learned during the internship to your future career path
(2) Attach pamphlets or brochures from the host organization

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