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Outline of the NIFS SCO-OP Internship Program
 [NIFS curriculum format]
 As you may be aware, NIFS began accepting students in April 1984 as the only national four-year physical education university in Japan. Since its founding, NIFS has cited the development of professional social sports instructors as one of its educational objectives. That is why we have adopted an original curriculum format which differs from that of other physical education universities and covers both general and specialized subjects with the primary objective of fostering teachers. In particular, NIFS has set up an off-campus sports instruction internship program for third and fourth year students to cater to their future career path. Moreover, the SCO-OP internship program provides practical, real-world training in professional disciplines based on the theoretical learning required of future sports business professionals and in order to develop more practical knowledge and skills. To that end, the main objectives of the program are to enhance the expertise and skills of the students through the hands-on experience of leadership, management and administration in actual health and sports workplaces as a step towards achieving future career goals, and the consequent feedback of on-campus student education and research content.

[Towards the acquisition & enhancement of real-world knowledge & skills]
Japan's health and sports industry is currently undergoing remarkable growth, and this has in turn given rise to the need for a more sophisticated level of professional expertise, teaching skills, and management and administration proficiency. The NIFS SCO-OP internship program is intended to pursue and enhance the education and research content of students with more practical knowledge and skills with a view to the human resources which will be actively involved in sports business fields in the future. As illustrated in Figure 2 below, the SCO-OP internship program is expected to facilitate a diverse array of feedback on an educational and research level between the university, the workplace and the students. We also believe that it may serve to revitalize future student career support by enabling all three parties to contribute to improvements in education and research. We encourage all intern students wishing to participate in this program to develop a sufficient understanding of the mutual relationships between these three parties and their respective roles.

History and Outline of Co-operative Education
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